Youth Groups

Refer to this page when booking youth organizations or day camps such as Girl Guides, Scouts, Cadets or any other youth function.

The operation and use of the Outdoor Education Center is under the direct supervision of the Outdoor Education Coordinator. The Coordinator is responsible for in-service, site bookings, safety and all matters pertaining to the operation of the Center.

If you require facilitation from the Coordinator, Please choose that option in the booking form so that the Coordinator has time to prepare. Please note that facilitation is only available between 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday. 

Please have a look at the following resources to help prepare for your visit and support the activities you will lead.

Planning Checklist

Schedule Template

Bouldering Wall Safety Policy

To book the site for your group visit:

Read the User Agreement.

View the Calendar for available dates.

Fill in the Youth Group Booking Form. (Being updated… Please contact Lorenne Hamre, Outdoor Education Coordinator by email, or phone 250-687-0466 to book.)

  • Your Group Organizer is responsible for reviewing your activity plan in advance of the booking form submission.
  • There must be at least one First-Aid Person in your group.
  • There must be 1 vehicle remaining on site during your stay. 
  • Youth consent and medical information forms must be submitted to your organizer prior to the trip.
  • Permission forms should include notice of  any/all personal risk activities planned. Such as canoeing, challenge course, archery and bouldering wall.

Minimum $50 per day.

Overnight – $10 per person per night

Day Trip Only – $5 per person

Coordinator Facilitation – $100 per half day
$200 per whole day

Firewood – $10 per day.

The use of generated electricity is $10/per if more than an allowed 2 hrs per day that is provided at no cost.

Visitors are expected to leave the site, building and all other facilities and equipment in the same condition (or better) than they are found.  Your group will be charged $50 or more if facilities are left in an unsatisfactory condition.

There is a $50 Cancellation Fee if cancelling within 2 weeks of upcoming booking.

Please note: 
Water is temporarily not for potable use. Please plan bring drinking water with you.