Terms of Agreement

This agreement is to inform user groups of their responsibilities from the time they arrive on site and until they depart. These policies are designed ensure user safety while also maintaining the environmental integrity of the site.

General Guidelines

  • No ATV’s or Snowmobiles on site. (There are no exceptions to this rule.)
  • No pets on site.
  • Park in designated parking area only.
  • Do not drive beyond parking area. (No driving on site other than to park a trailer. Once you arrive, your vehicle should remain parked.)
  • Please stay on the designated trails.
  • Fires are to be kept in designated fire pits only. (Follow local fire ban protocol.)
  • Do not pick, cut or collect vegetation from the site. (Botany studies take place here and the vegetation needs to remain intact.)
  • Do not feed, handle or provoke wildlife.
  • Beverages or liquid items must not be dumped on the ground. Instead may be poured into the sink at the south end of the kitchen. (This includes toothpaste and rinse.)
  • No glass containers are permitted outdoors.
  • Take your garbage and recycling inside at night and pack it out with you when you leave.
  • Be mindful of littering.
  • It is your responsibility to clean the facilities before leaving. This includes outhouses, dormitories, beach and firepit areas and items such as the BBQ.
  • There must be at least one vehicle on site at all times.
  • A Deposit is required before your stay and is returned at Check-out if guidelines are followed.
  • Your group will be charged a minimum $50 fee if facilities are left in an unsatisfactory condition.(Visitors are expected to leave the site, building and all other facilities and equipment in the same condition (or better) than they are found. )
  • If cancelling within 2 weeks of booking you will be charged a cancellation fee of $50.
  • Sporting equipment belonging to the site is off limits without prior arrangement.
  • The Bouldering wall, Challenge Course and Sporting equipment is strictly off limits without presence of an adult and permission of the site Coordinator. (If planning to use these areas, contact the Coordinator. A waiver may need to be requested and signed ahead of time.)

Please understand that the Cameron Lake Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies Center is available for your use provided that you act in accordance to the use planning of the site. Although you may recreate here, the site is first and foremost an Environmental Learning Center for School District 60. Please be respectful of these considerations.