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Phenology is the observation of seasonal events in both animal and environment. How the leaves change, how animals’ coats or behaviour changes, migration, changes in temperature, the first bud of spring etc.

Together students will explore the timing of nature during hikes and exploration and use what they learn in creating a visual journal of what they see.


  • Seasons
  • Sun/Moon
  • Life cycles
  • Art and Journaling


Together we study the land formations that create the landscape we see, The many biomes across the world and explore or local topography, lakes and wetlands. We will focus on lake ecosystems and pond health, habitat and inhabitants.


  • Biomes
  • Ecosystems
  • Habitats
  • Landformations
  • Pond Studies
  • Art

Animal Ecology

Animal ecology will teach students about species identification, behaviour and interactions. We will discover through field activities, games and classroom projects.


  • Habitat
  • Behaviour
  • Adaptations
  • Energy Transfer / Food Web


Students will be able to identify and understand the plant parts, plant and leaf cell parts and function, process of photosynthesis, and pollination. Plant based art projects will give students inspiration and admiration for the colors of nature.


  • Species Identification
  • Plant Ecology
  • Ethnobotany
  • Botanical Arts


Students will explore the protocols for trip planning, preparation and survival of adventuring in the wilderness.


  • Trip Planning
  • Orienteering
  • Fire/ Shelter Building
  • Forage
  • Bushcraft/Art
  • First Aid

Technical Applications

Career Based Learning

Students will be exposed to the various Environmental Career types and practice field techniques used in the research and management of our forests, lakes and wildlife.



Printable Resources for Trip Planning

Below are a few valuable resources to assist in the planning and preparation of your class visit to Cameron Lake. Please notify us if you need assistance, clarification or information not shared here.


Teachers Handbook

Facility and program information to assist teachers in booking and making use of the Cameron Lake Outdoor Education Center

Packing List

Use this document to inform parents and student on what to bring and not bring with them on their field trip to Cameron Lake

Sample Schedule

A sample/suggested schedule to give you an idea of what our day might look like. The schedule changes per group size and can be adapted to suit specific needs.

Sample Permission Slip

A suggested permission slip that informs parents on the possible activities student may participate in while at the Center