Snowy Escape

There has been so much use of the Center this winter!!
I’m so glad to see so many faces out there embracing the season. Thank you to all the visitors who have come, brought others, told others, etc.
We’re so glad you’ve come.

We have had many pet visitors at the Center recently as well. I’m sad to say, but we will not be allowing dogs any further on grounds for now. There is no one who is in charge to clean up after pet messes other than the owners themselves. We’ve unfortunately not seen this responsibility taken often.

As it’s been very successful at getting families outdoors so far, we will continue to publicly open Saturday and Sunday this February from 10-4.
See you next weekend!

A kind reminder:
There is no janitor or cleaning staff. The users of this space are responsible for keeping the Center and it’s grounds clean for others.

If you bring it, you take it with you please.
Thank you.